kenny omega

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks have managed to find a lot of success without the WWE machine behind them, but recently WWE has been acknowledging Kenny and The Bucks on social media.

It’s rumored that WWE might make a play for Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks when their contracts expire, and Adam Cole recently told Sports Illustrated that he thinks they would be a perfect fit for The Undisputed Era.

“Those guys would fit perfectly in the Undisputed Era. They’re exactly what the Undisputed Era is all about: cutting-edge, going against the grain, doing what they want when they want. Obviously, a lot of people know my history with Kenny Omega, and I have a very long history with the Young Bucks, and those guys would fit perfectly. It’s like two peas in a pod.”

Cole also opened up about his run as NXT North American Champion, and he noted that he’s trying to use the title to make a statement.

“I’m not just the best in NXT, I’m not just the best in the WWE, I’m the best on the freaking planet. Part of backing that statement up is competing outside of WWE, and the North American championship has given me the opportunity to do that. I can go to a company like EVOLVE and wrestle a talent as good, as big, and as strong as WALTER and defend my championship on a non-WWE show. That’s the epitome of making the North American title a world championship, one I can defend all over the world.”

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