Abyss is a veteran in the world or professional wrestling, and he’s spent most of his career working for Impact Wrestling.

The Impact Wrestling star recently signed a new deal with the company, and he told Wrestling Epicenter that it was an easy decision for him.

“It was a pretty easy decision for me. I love the company. I’ve been a part of it for, gosh, going on 17 years, since the beginning. It was a pretty easy decision for me. I was able to put together a pretty nice package to continue my duties as a wrestler, as an agent, and producer. I’m really excited about being able to stay on board and being able to contribute to the team, getting in the ring, and working with the young talent and getting them to where we want and need them to be.”

Abyss has seen a lot of people come and go over the years, and he’s also seen the industry change in some big ways.

While talking about the state of wrestling today, Abyss noted that he thinks wrestling needs more characters.

“The one thing I do think wrestling is missing is I do think wrestling is missing characters. Abyss is a character. The one thing wrestling has to be careful of and the pitfall that it doesn’t fall into is it is going completely away from characters. When I got addicted to this business when I was a kid, it was characters if you look back to the 80’s and early 90’s Everybody, even the opening gys, had characters. I fear it has gone too far to athletic contest versus character. I think that is something the business needs to be careful of.”