Many wrestlers will at some point in their careers have been able to call themselves a WWE Superstar. But winning championship gold in WWE is no easy task. Many WWE Superstars go their entire careers without ever winning and title while others win titles as part of a team but never on their own.

There are quite a few WWE Superstars currently on the roster that have never held singles gold. There are also quite a few WWE Superstars currently on the roster that probably should have by now. Let’s take a look at 8 wrestlers that have yet to win singles gold in WWE.

Heath Slater

If The Great Khali can win the World Heavyweight Championship, why can’t the same thing happen for Heath Slater, am I right? All jokes aside, Heath Slater does deserve a little more appreciation. He’s been playing the lovable loser role in the WWE for years and he’s knocked it out of the park.

Heath knows his role and he plays it well. Now that he’s with The Social Outcasts he’s finally got a chance to climb the ladder a little bit. The Social Outcasts have been pretty entertaining so far and if they can keep their momentum maybe it could lead to a IC or US Title win somewhere down the line for Heath Slater.

Title runs with characters like this can work, they just need to be given the proper chance. Putting a prestigious title on a superstar who the fans feel isn’t worthy of holding it is an easy way to get cheap heat. If nothing else, giving Heath Slater a title would make for a nice moment when people turn on the TV and say “Wow, the put the belt on that guy?!”



Sin Cara

WWE really had high hopes for the Sin Cara gimmick when it first debuted didn’t they? There was so much hype behind Sin Cara and WWE seemed to believe that they had found their new Rey Mysterio. But it was not meant to be.

For many years Sin Cara was portrayed by wrestler Luis Urive and WWE was giving the gimmick a nice push. But constant injuries and constant botching plagued the career of Sin Cara and the gimmick was unable to pick up steam the way WWE had envisioned. Eventually Urive was released from his WWE contract but WWE didn’t give up on the gimmick.

Fast forward a few years later and now the Sin Cara gimmick is portrayed by Hunico. Hunico has been successful as part of The Lucha Dragons but it seems at times that the Sin Cara gimmick is cursed because Hunico is currently out of action with an injury.

Given WWE’s desire to find the next Rey Mysterio and all the hype they put into the Sin Cara gimmick you would have thought that he would have won a singles title by now. But to WWE’s credit, it wasn’t for lack of trying on their part.



Tyson Kidd

Tyson Kidd is highly regarded as being one of the best wrestlers in the WWE and to some the world. Kidd has won the WWE Tag Team Championship three separate times but he has yet to win a singles championship.

Tyson Kidd is currently out recovering from neck surgery at the moment. But it’s not hard to imagine that he will come back better than ever. The WWE audience loves a comeback story so they will no doubt be cheering him on when he returns. Maybe this time around he will be able to use that momentum to carry himself to a championship victory.




Neville has been nothing short of impressive since coming to the main roster. But he’s one of those wrestlers who unfortunately gets lost in the shuffle far too often.

Since debuting on the WWE main roster in 2015 Neville has challenged for the United States Championship and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He wasn’t able to capture either belt but a title win is just what Neville needs to put himself back on the map.

Neville is a unique talent who commands your attention when he’s in the ring. WWE has a one of a kind high flyer in Neville and they need to give the audience a reason to be invested in him. An IC or US Title run could do just that. If Neville makes it to the end of 2016 without wearing had gold around his waist at some point, it will be a real shame.



Jerry “The King” Lawler

Jerry “The King” Lawler is a WWE Hall of Famer and a wrestling legend. He’s a 5 time Slammy Award winner and he’s held championships just about everywhere, except the WWE.

Lawler has challenged for singles gold in the past and he even challenged The Miz for the WWE Championship in a ladder match a few years ago. But King has never won a singles title in WWE. Should he have at some point in his career? Probably. But he’s Jerry “The King” Lawler, he’s going to be just fine.




It seems highly unlikely that Sting will ever win singles gold in the WWE. At this point there’s really no guarantee that he will even wrestle again. Sting suffered an injury at Night of Champions during his WWE Championship match with Seth Rollins and now his in ring future is up in the air.

Sting has had a legendary career but he won’t be able to say that he held a title in the WWE when he hangs up the boots for good. He certainly isn’t a man that needs to pad his resume with WWE gold, but seeing him win a belt would have been a cool moment for him to share with the fans.

Really though, there hasn’t been a convenient time for WWE to put gold on Sting. He’s only had 4 matches with the company and one of those matches was a WWE Championship match. At this point even if Sting does return, it just doesn’t make sense to put the WWE Championship on him at his age and anything less than the big belt would be beneath him.

Most importantly, he’s “The Icon” Sting and he doesn’t need WWE gold to validate his Hall of Fame worthy career. But like we said earlier, it would have made for a cool moment.



Damien Sandow

One year ago Damien Sandow was the most over guy in the WWE when he was working as Damien Mizdow. But it’s funny how much of a difference a year can make. Now Sandow is back to his old self, working alone, but hardly working it seems, as he’s nowhere to be found.

Time and time again Damien Sandow has proved that WWE can hand him sh*t and he can turn it into gold and he’s gotten nothing in return for his efforts. It seemed like at one point in his career he was destined to become a World Champion as he won the Money in the Bank briefcase. But unfortunately Sandow is only one of two men who have unsuccessfully cashed in their title shot.

With the exception of his run with The Miz, Sandow’s career has been on a downward slope since cashing in Money in the Bank. Still, the fans love to support Damien Sandow and everyone loves a comeback story. He has yet to win singles gold, but a run with the Intercontinental Championship could go a long way when it comes to making Sandow relevant again.

Once again, Sandow has proved that WWE can hand him sh*t and he will turn it into gold. Maybe it’s time for WWE to see what he can do with actual gold.


Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is one of the most interesting characters that WWE has created in years. However he is unfortunately another character that gets lost in the shuffle too often. Bray Wyatt is a big deal in the WWE, but let’s face it, he should be a much bigger deal than he is.

Bray Wyatt took the WWE by storm during his first year on the main roster. But as he started to climb the ladder WWE seemed hesitant to give him the wins he needed over big names like John Cena. Bray seemed to get built up only so he could be knocked right back down.

Bray Wyatt has only been on the WWE main roster for about two and a half years now, so there’s no rush to push him to the top. But the problem is, WWE already had people sold on Bray Wyatt, they already got him over. They just didn’t capitalize on it and they should have capitalized on the buzz around Bray Wyatt by giving him some type of championship gold.

WWE doesn’t need to give Bray Wyatt gold to make him a star. Bray Wyatt has proved that already is a star. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Intercontinental Championship, United States Champion or the WWE Championship, Bray has shown the world that he’s more than ready to take the ball and run with it. The rest of us are just waiting on you WWE.