The wrestling business is an industry built on shock value. The fans love to be surprised and they love to have something to talk about. As time goes on it becomes harder and harder to create a buzz in an environment where the fans feel like they’ve seen just about everything. But these events would easily turn the entire industry on its head.


#7 – Shane McMahon Buys TNA


When the invasion storyline happened and Shane McMahon purchased WCW the wrestling world was indeed shocked. Although it was a shocking event we all knew it was a storyline but could you imagine if Shane McMahon tried to go head to head with his father for real? TNA has been arguably the most mismanaged wrestling company on the planet but no one has a better shot at turning it all around than a McMahon.

Not only would a real life competition between the McMahons make for great TV but it would get both companies a boat load of media attention as well. This event is highly unlikely but there’s no denying that it would set the entire industry on fire.


#6 – Shane McMahon Comes Home To WWE


It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Shane McMahon in WWE and although he’s gone, he’s far from forgotten. Shane McMahon was a pretty integral part of WWE ever since he became an on screen character and he’s still adored by fans all over the world. His contributions to the company both inside the ring and behind the scenes still resonate with the audience to this day and everyone is dying to see him return.

It remains to be seen if Shane McMahon will ever return to WWE but you can bet that if he did return the Internet would break and heads would explode.


#5 – Shawn Michaels Comes Out Of Retirement


Shawn Michaels is one of the best wrestlers of all time and he was still putting on classic matches right up until the moment he retired. He looks to be in great shape and it’s not hard to believe that he could still outperform most of the WWE roster.

Shawn Michaels coming out of retirement would flip the wrestling world upside down in an instant. Fans are always talking about all of the dream matches that could have been and wrestlers are always talking about how they would have loved to face HBK at WrestleMania. Shawn doesn’t seem likely to come out of retirement but if he ever does his comeback match will be a huge attraction.


#4 – CM Punk Makes Amends With WWE


Over the years the fans have seen a lot of wrestlers that once had problems with WWE bury the hatchet with the company. There’s always that wrestler who the fans assume will never be seen on WWE television again and right now that wrestler is CM Punk. Punk’s split with WWE has been anything but pretty and a reconciliation between the two parties isn’t likely to happen any time soon. Still, you could imagine the reaction from the fans if “Cult of Personality” hit when they least expected it and then Punk made his way down the WWE entrance ramp. It would truly be a moment to remember.


#3 – Stone Cold Steve Austin Wrestles One More Match At WrestleMania


This is something everyone wants to see happen and there are always rumors going around fueling the fire that it might eventually be a dream that comes true. At 50 years old Steve Austin looks better than ever and there’s no doubt that he could tear the house down at WrestleMania one more time.

The problem with Steve Austin’s retirement is that no one really knew it was happening and the fans didn’t get the chance to give him the proper send off. One last match at WrestleMania 32 in his home state of Texas could break box office records.


#2 – John Cena Turns Heel


Every year that passes a John Cena heel turn seems less and less likely. Cena loves playing the super good guy role and WWE loves having him in that role as well. Although he’s not such a hit with adults, he’s adored by kids. That is why a John Cena heel turn would flip the wrestling world upside down. Kids would boo him and adults would likely start cheering him.

WWE has a chance to make history with a John Cena heel turn if it’s done the right way. Will it ever happen? Never say never but it certainly doesn’t look likely at the moment.


#1 – Vince McMahon Retires


Everyone just assumes that Vince McMahon won’t retire until he’s dead but one way or another this has to happen. Vince McMahon has been the man in charge of WWE for quite some time now which means he’s basically leading the entire industry. What once worked seems to not be working as well nowadays as it becomes more and more obvious that even though Vince McMahon is a creative genius, he’s become out of touch.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are obviously his successors and it seems like the WWE is in good hands with them. But make no mistake about it, the day Vince McMahon steps down is a day that will live in professional wrestling infamy forever.