Being a Paul Heyman guy pretty much guarantees you a spot at the top of the roster.
When Paul Heyman sees something special in you then that means you should listen to every word he says.

Paul is a man that has been known to turn coal into diamonds time and time again as he takes superstars from unknown and irrelevant then makes them into a household name.

Unfortunately for Paul that hasn’t really worked out all that well with Curtis Axel and at this point Paul needs a success story just as much as one of these superstars does. Let’s take a look at 5 potential superstars who could benefit from having Paul Heyman as their manager.

5. Ryback


Before we get started with this one I ask that you please refrain from throwing stones in my general direction. I’m going to start this off by saying that personally I’m not a very big Ryback fan in general and to be honest I feel like at this point the ship has sailed on his big push. He can’t wrestle very well, he definitely can’t talk and his latest character is entertaining but it’s entertaining in the same way that Santino Marella is entertaining. It also doesn’t help his case that the general landscape of WWE is changing. The fans don’t want to see giant beefed up guys that can only hit power moves anymore. With each passing week the fans are making it very obvious that they like the more technical style of guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan as opposed to the type of style that Ryback has to offer. With that being said if Ryback wants to get back to the top of the card he needs something to make him stand out again and that something might actually be a someone and that someone just might be Paul Heyman.

Ryback was at his best when he was the silent powerhouse that would arrive, destroy people then leave. That type of character is exactly the type of character that Paul Heyman works well with. Think of this relationship as something along the lines of Paul Heyman managing Brock Lesnar or Paul Heyman managing The Big Show. With both of those superstars Heyman gave them direction by telling them who to destroy and when to destroy them and it worked wonders for their characters. Every time Ryback opens his mouth he makes it very hard to take him seriously but If he went back to silent Ryback with Paul Heyman as his mouthpiece he has a strong possibility of making it back to the top of the WWE food chain once again. This time last year it looked like Ryback had a really good chance of becoming WWE champion but lately he doesn’t seem to be doing much at all. Putting Paul Heyman with Ryback could be a way to put some life back in to Ryback’s career which is something he desperately needs right now.



4. Antonio Cesaro



Antonio Cesaro is an absolute powerhouse. Every match he has is entertaining and his strength is just straight up impressive. Any man that can legitimately lift up The Great Khali or Brodus Clay and not even break a sweat deserves your attention. When Antonio first came to the WWE main roster it seemed as if management was fully behind him and he was gaining a lot of momentum but then they pulled back for seemingly no reason and now Antonio is currently floundering in a tag team with Jack Swagger. Antonio needs someone to call the shots for him and pairing him with Zeb Colter seemed like a great idea at first but I personally think that it is only hurting his character at this point.

Antonio Cesaro needs a manager there’s no doubt about that but pairing him with Zeb Colter just isn’t working. Antonio needs someone who can get him opportunities and someone that knows how to show off his strengths while hiding his weaknesses. Paul Heyman would be able to speak for Antonio Cesaro which would leave Antonio to do what he does best and that is get it done in the ring. The fans like Antonio Cesaro and even the fans that don’t like him respect his ability he just needs someone who can give him direction and make the audience see him as a threat. Paul Heyman is just the guy to do both of those things.


3. Paige


There have been rumors floating around the internet for months that WWE might not be looking for the next Paul Heyman guy at all and they may actually be looking for the first Paul Heyman girl. If the WWE chose to go that route Paige is really the only female that comes to mind. Paige is the current NXT Divas champion, she just turned 21 and she has a whole lot of buzz surrounding her at the moment. There are many fans that are just dying for her to make her way to the main roster and what better way to make a big debut than to do it with Paul Heyman by her side.

AJ Lee has put a little spark back in the Divas division and it’s obvious that she is trying to push it to a new level but in order to do that she needs the perfect rival. One look at Paige and you can tell right away that a Paige/AJ Lee rivalry is a match made in heaven for the Divas division. Getting Paul Heyman involved in a Divas feud would instantly put a spotlight on the Divas division that hasn’t been there in years. Obviously AJ Lee would need to turn face in order for this to work but making the next Paul Heyman guy a Paul Heyman girl has a lot of potential if the Paul Heyman girl is Paige.


2. The Miz


Let’s face it The Miz hasn’t been relevant in years and his current run as a babyface leaves a lot to be desired. Still we can’t forget that at one point The Miz was at the top of the WWE food chain when he main evented WrestleMania 27 against John Cena. In retrospect that match was easily one of the worst WrestleMania main events of all time but that’s a topic for another article. When Miz first won Money In The Bank he was on fire and he was the bad guy that everyone loved. So much of what The Miz was doing at the time was reminiscent of The Rock when he first started coming in to his own and it seemed as if the crowd was really getting behind him…then it all stopped. Where exactly did The Miz go wrong? No one knows for sure but he went from WrestleMania main eventer to lower mid-card and it seems like he may never recover…that is unless he has the right manager in his corner.

At first glance you would think that pairing up The Miz and Paul Heyman would be a total mistake but when you look deeper it actually seems like it could work. The Miz doesn’t necessarily need a mouth piece but he does need to get his momentum back and Paul Heyman could provide him some heat which he desperately needs right now. The Miz isn’t the biggest guy in the ring and he certainly isn’t the most gifted wrestler but with the right manager in his corner helping him cheat to win he could definitely start making a big impact on the WWE landscape again. This pairing could easily play out similar to the CM Punk/Paul Heyman pairing where they don’t necessarily need each other but they both add something to one another’s character. The Miz has proved before that he can be a big player in WWE but at the moment he’s missing something and that something could very well be Paul Heyman.


1. Big E Langston



Big E has been on the main roster for less than a year but he has done pretty well for himself so far. He has managed to land high profile feuds and impress both the audience and WWE management. Rumor has it that he’s in the good graces of not only John Cena himself but Vince McMahon as well which means that he has a bright future ahead of him. Big E has proved that he can deliver in the ring and to be honest he’s not really all that bad on the mic either but a superstar like Big E is much better off as the silent but deadly type.

Big E rarely speaks as is but he manages to say quite a bit with his facial expressions and in the ring but with Paul Heyman doing all the talking all he would have to do is show up and kick ass. Big E has shown in his short time in WWE that he can work with just about anyone and although his style is primarily power moves he can switch it up when needed. Big E has all the tools that one would need to make it in WWE all he needs now is the right opportunities. With Paul Heyman by his side one has to imagine that Big E would be absolutely unstoppable. Like I said before Big E has a bright future ahead of him in WWE but it would be much brighter with Paul Heyman by his side.



Well there you have it. Those are our picks for superstars that could potentially be a new Paul Heyman guy. Who would you add to the list?



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