Last year Neville was the King of the Cruiserweights, but this year he’s nowhere to be found. Neville reportedly walked out of WWE in October of 2017, and he hasn’t appeared on WWE programming since.

It doesn’t seem that WWE has any intention of releasing Neville from his contract, so it appears that he’s in limbo for now.

Without Neville around, other cruiserweights have had to step up, and Cedric Alexander has been the Cruiserweight Champion and the top star on 205 Live for months now.

Cedric recently took to Twitter to declare that the Age of Alexander will continue to reign.

A fan then noted that this is the perfect time for The King to make a comeback, and Cedric responded by saying he spelled “quitter” wrong.

Another fan then joined the conversation to say that Neville had more charisma in his pinky finger than Cedric does in his entire being, but Cedric pointed out that “had” is the key word in that statement.

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