The WWE Hall of Fame has had quite a bit of speculation surrounding it this year. As with previous years there have been petitions to get certain names in the hallowed halls of Vince’s league of legends, most notably Chyna and the British Bulldog. There are many more who still wonder just what the reasoning might be for someone’s induction, but as Bruce Prichard revealed in his Rick Rude podcast those reasons are only known to Vince.

WWE moved their sale date for Hall of Fame tickets back a week and days later just before WWE broke the news on that Kurt Angle has been selected as the first announced inductee for the class of 2017, they moved it back to the initial sale-date. Many would believe that WWE changed the ticket sale date back to the original planned date due to the Angle announcement.

Presale tickets are now available and according to PWInsider the presale password is: VENUES. Tickets are scheduled to be made available to the general public on Friday, January 20th.

Another name which has been rumored to be inducted this year is Beth Phoenix. In addition to Angle and Phoenix other names which are somewhat expected to join the class of 2017 are The Natural Disasters, IRS, Rick Rude, DDP, William Regal, and Christian.

If Christian and Beth Phoenix are inducted in the same class, it would definitely be a good night for Edge as he is married to Phoenix and Christian is his long-time best friend.