TNA has left it up to the fans to vote on which ring they want to see in TNA. The choices are the standard 4 sided ring or the TNA custom six-sided ring. Although most fans want the six-sided ring to return, you can count two top TNA stars out.

Austin Aries and Ethan Carter have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure with the 6 sided ring. Here is what Aries had to say:


“So the people who don’t wrestle are letting people who don’t wrestle decide what I have to wrestle in? Great idea. My body, my vote. #4sides”
“What’s wrong with wrestling? Letting people who’ve never done it, and never put their bodies on the line, run the show. #DoesntWork #4sides”

“Please understand, I DO think the fans voices should be heard, and I’m all for an interactive experience, BUT I’m not sure this is the appropriate place for it, nor do I feel the potential risk outweighs the potential benefit for the wrestlers.”

“For those curious, I find #6sides to be far less forgiving on the body and harder to maneuver around, especially on the top rope. #4sides”

“Guess I accomplished stirring up some debate on #4sides or #6sides. We all have opinions, and I shared mine from a different perspective.”

“Please don’t misinterpret #6sides as unsafe or dangerous. Decision makers at @IMPACTWRESTLING would never put us in that position. #4sides”

Aries also re-tweeted this message from TNA star Ethan Carter III:

“This is why democracy doesn’t work. You people should not have a voice when it comes to my well-being and safety. #Traditional #4sides”