james ellsworth

UPDATE: James Ellsworth has issued a statement denying the allegations which can be read here.

A fan recently made some accusations about former WWE Superstar James Ellsworth on Twitter, claiming that he sent her nude photos via Snapchat, and she also released screenshots of photos which he allegedly sent to her.

She later released a video saying she met Ellsworth at an independent show on Friday, November 9th, and claimed that her friend approached her and told her that Ellsworth was “a total creep” and that he asked the girl to meet him at his car at the end of the show.

@Kliqkid goes on to say that she told Ellsworth she was only 16, then asked him to follow her on Twitter. According to her story he did, then she sent him a DM wishing him luck before one of his matches, and he asked her for her Snapchat.

She also claimed that “multiple female wrestlers” hit her up after she posted about Ellsworth and said that this isn’t the first time he’s done this, and that he makes female wrestlers feel uncomfortable.

Her full video statement can be seen below.