The Royal Rumble is a stepping stone towards greatness. Every year 30 men (except for that one time it was 40) step into the ring with the hopes of being the last man standing because the last man standing is guaranteed a title shot at WrestleMania. When used the right way a Royal Rumble win can make an up and coming wrestler into a bonafide superstar.

There are many members of the WWE roster that need an EPIC Royal Rumble victory but we rounded up just a few of them that we think could pull it off.

10. Antonio Cesaro


Antonio Cesaro has all the tools that are necessary to become a top star. Antonio has future world champion written all over him and he’s even been endorsed by John Cena himself. Antonio Cesaro still has a long way to go before he reaches the top of the card but a Royal Rumble victory could work if built correctly.

Antonio Cesaro is one of the strongest men on the WWE roster and thought of him winning the Royal Rumble isn’t unbelievable at all. Antonio is going to be a big name player someday and a Royal Rumble victory could help him reach that level sooner than later.

9. Brock Lesnar


Since making his return to WWE Brock Lesnar has made one hell of an impact and he’s proven that he’s still a major name in the wrestling business. No matter who Brock Lesnar is facing his match always seems like a big deal and it comes off as must watch television. Brock Lesnar is still a performer the WWE fans want to see and the WWE would get some major buzz from Lesnar winning the Royal Rumble.

Brock Lesnar being involved in a WrestleMania main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship has money written all over it. Giving this spot to a part timer might not be all that great for the company in the long run but it would definitely boost sales for WrestleMania.


8. Goldust


Goldust is without a doubt in the best shape of his career as he seems to be enjoying some sort of career renaissance lately. It’s no surprise that he’s been putting on some of the best matches on the card and the audience is completely behind him. Everyone is enjoying this recent run that he’s on and could you imagine if it lead to a Royal Rumble victory?

This one is highly unlikely but there’s no denying that if it did happen Goldust could put on a stellar match and tell a great story with whoever his opponent was.

7. Dolph Ziggler


Poor Dolph Ziggler. Have you ever seen someone work so hard only to get nothing in return? Dolph has made a habit out of stealing the show (and your girlfriend) every chance he gets but the only thing he can’t seem to get is WWE management behind him. At the 2013 Royal Rumble Dolph was riding the wave of a push that led many to believe his time had come but by summer 2013 his push had ended.

Dolph Ziggler needs to find career redemption and fast. Winning the Royal Rumble could be the perfect way to breathe new life into his career again. Make no mistake about it, the fans love Dolph. Each and every week he gets one of the loudest ovations of anyone on the roster. It doesn’t matter who he would feud with after winning the Royal Rumble because Dolph Ziggler can have a good feud with anyone and he’s a believable main eventer. He’s here to show the world and the world would love it if he showed us a Royal Rumble victory.


6. Damien Sandow


When Damien Sandow cashed in his money in the bank contract on John Cena he went from midcard favorite to potential superstar in the length of just one match. To be honest with you I personally had never been that interested in Sandow but he silenced (silence!) all of my doubts with just that one match. Sandow proved in his match against John Cena that he can hang with the big dogs and it’s time to give him the ball and let him run with it.

From a storyline point of view Damien Sandow is probably dying to get his hands on John Cena. Damien wants redemption for his loss against John Cena and there’s no better way to get that redemption than by winning the Royal Rumble and challenging John Cena at WrestleMania. The story pretty much writes itself.


5. Cody Rhodes


Cody Rhodes has been dying to break through the glass ceiling for years now. It’s been a slow progression but it seems like every single year Cody gets a little bit closer to the top of the card. During his feud a few months ago with the McMahons Cody Rhodes showed a side of him that we had never seen before and convinced us all he has major superstar potential.

Cody is without a doubt going to be a big player someday and most of us assume he’s a sure thing to win a money in the bank briefcase somewhere down the line but why not the Royal Rumble? Cody Rhodes is one WWE superstar who would make the most of an opportunity and a Royal Rumble victory might be just the opportunity he needs to become one of the greats.


4. Big E Langston


The recent attention that Big E Langston has been getting is a prime example of a guy making the most of his opportunity. Big E hasn’t been on the main roster very long but already he’s established himself as a force to be reckoned with. Big E is a powerhouse but he can seemingly adapt to just about anyone’s in ring style and when he’s given the mic he’s a much better talker than one would expect.

Big E Langston will no doubt be a main eventer someday and it may be too early in his career for him to win the Royal Rumble but that hasn’t stopped WWE before. Big E is a legitimate threat to any WWE title and a dominant performance in the Royal Rumble with a good build towards a WrestleMania match against a big name could make for some very entertaining TV.


3. Roman Reigns


When The Shield first debuted on WWE TV Roman Reigns seemed the least likely to be successful when it came to the group. Fast forward a year later and he’s the one who is now most likely to find major success after The Shield’s inevitable split. Roman Reigns has improved his in ring performance by leaps and bounds in the past year and has also held his own against many big names in the industry. Roman is a very believable as a main eventer and the fans are getting behind him big time.

WWE has a habit of pushing guys too fast but with the right storyline a Roman Reigns Royal Rumble victory could work out perfect. When The Shield splits there’s no doubt it’s going to be an ugly breakup and it’s obvious that Roman is being positioned as a face when they go their seperate ways. Have The Shield turn on Reigns and enlist The Authority’s help in making Roman’s life a living hell. Watching Roman fight his way to redemption against both The Shield and The Authority by way of a Royal Rumble victory and a big match at WrestleMania could make for a great story if told correctly.


2. CM Punk


When it comes to a CM Punk Royal Rumble victory I would say 2014 could very well be his year. CM Punk is no doubt one of the most popular wrestlers in the industry right now and he’s stayed away from the WWE title picture for most of 2013. At some point CM Punk needs to make his way back to the WWE title picture and there’s no better way for him to get there than a Royal Rumble victory.

The fans are behind CM Punk no matter what the status of his character is. Whether CM Punk is a good guy or a bad guy he gets cheered just about everywhere. CM Punk has proven that he can have a great match with anyone and it’s no big secret that a true WrestleMania main event is the one thing that he wants more than anything. It’s time to give CM Punk what he wants as he’s more than earned it and Punk winning the Rumble would once again assert him as a force to be reckoned with.


1. Daniel Bryan


Is there really anyone else on the WWE roster that would be a better pick to win the Royal Rumble than Daniel Bryan? Daniel Bryan needs this victory and I would argue that WWE needs it more than he does. WWE did wrong by Daniel Bryan and the fans when they hit the brakes on his push recently. Haters can try to deny it all they want but Daniel Bryan is without question the most popular member of the WWE roster at the moment. When the audience is chanting “Daniel Bryan” through just about the entire duration of a Randy Orton/Big Show WWE title match I think that’s their way of telling WWE management to get a clue!

The past few years WWE has seemed intent on telling the fans who they should like. The fans pick their favorite, WWE refuses to push them, fans lose interest, repeat. That is not the case with Daniel Bryan it seems as the audience just won’t give up.

From a storyline standpoint nothing would make more sense than Daniel Bryan winning the Royal Rumble. Daniel Bryan made it to the top of the WWE and then was knocked down by The Authority. A Daniel Bryan Royal Rumble victory leading to him winning the WWE title at WrestleMania would be the classic feel good moment that WWE needs right now.

As much as WWE refuses to acknowledge it the crowds aren’t cheering for Cena anymore but they are cheering for Bryan. Give the good guy his victory and let him look like a real threat to whomever is in his path. Like I said before, nothing would make more sense from a storyline standpoint than Daniel Bryan winning the Royal Rumble and I feel as if WWE would be leaving big money on the table by not letting it happen.