Sorry, some people may not want to hear it, but The Authority is as stale as loaf of 12 year old bread. Unfortunately the concept of the General Manager is now a part of the WWE forever and someone will always be obligated to fill that role. The Authority storyline ran its course a while ago and it’s time for some new blood to take over. Here are 10 people that we think could make the role better.



#10 – Edge


This one would just be great. Edge is trying his best to be successful outside of WWE and so far he’s doing a pretty decent job. Still, we would love to see him return. Edge can’t wrestle anymore but that doesn’t mean he can’t be entertaining on screen. Edge would be great as a General Manager because most likely he would be impartial. Too often General Managers play favorites but we feel as if Edge wouldn’t do that which would create a unique dynamic on the show.



#9 – Hulk Hogan


Hulk Hogan is in the perfect position to become General Manager. He’s signed to a contract to WWE but he’s really only an ambassador at this point. Every single time he appears on WWE TV, it’s clear that Hulkamania is running wild so why not have him run wild as the General Manager? Say what you want about his run as the General Manager of TNA, but it wasn’t that bad and if WWE did something similar, it would be gold.



#8 – William Regal


William Regal has already proved his worth as a General Manager. Not much needs to be said here. Quite simply, Regal can get the job done as General Manager whether it’s the Attitude Era, the Ruthless Aggression Era or the PG Era. Regal is always entertaining as an authority figure. You just can’t go wrong with this one.



#7 – Dixie Carter


This one is way out in left field and more of a fantasy booking, but if TNA ever goes out of business and WWE buys them, it would be a mistake not to make Dixie the General Manager. Talk all you want about how WWE fans don’t even know TNA exists, blah, blah, blah. Dixie proved recently she can be annoying as hell in the General Manager role and putting a leader from a rival company in charge has proved to be a formula for success.



#6 – JBL


JBL is one of the bright spots of the less than impressive commentary team. He constantly call his co-workers out on their mistakes and it’s very entertaining. If he were to bring that same personality to a bi-partisan General Manager role, it would be a win/win for everyone.



#5 – Paul Heyman


Paul Heyman quite simply is a wrestling god. He may not be a wrestler but he truly is a wrestling god and that’s saying something for someone that isn’t an in ring performer. No one cuts a promo like Paul Heyman. This man could sell ice to eskimos, he’s that good. He’s proven that he can not only handle this role, he can revolutionize it. Put him in charge and you’ve got lightning in a bottle.



#4 – Kurt Angle


If you want to believe recent internet rumors, WWE doesn’t want to hire Kurt Angle as a wrestler. Kurt’s TNA contract ends soon and the rumors suggest WWE would only hire him as a trainer. Hiring Kurt as anything but an on screen personality would be a total waste. You don’t want him to wrestle? Fine. His recent run as the authority figure on TNA has proved that he’s great in that role and he’s a former SmackDown General Manager. If WWE wants to hire Kurt Angle back but doesn’t want him to wrestle, this is the perfect role for him



#3 – Eric Bischoff


Eric Bischoff has been one of the best and most memorable General Managers in Raw history. Under his rule WWE gave birth to many new and interesting ideas such as the Elimination Chamber. Eric Bischoff is a winner and his ideas are always impressive. Put this guy back in the mix and everyone will be happy.



#2 – Vince McMahon


Yea, Stephanie McMahon is great and all, but she’s no Vince. Let’s face it, no one does it like Vince. Vince practically made the General Manager role what it is today. You know Vince will entertain you and that’s a fact.



#1 – Stone Cold Steve Austin


It’s Stone Cold Steve Austin. His last stint as General Manager was legendary. Steve Austin is currently working outside the realm of professional wrestling which is a shame because he’s quite possible the most entertaining WWE superstar of all time. Austin as General Manager was must see TV in the Ruthless Aggression Era and it would be must see TV in the modern era as well. Make this happen and fan approval will go up big time.