Liverpool England is famous primarily for bringing us The Beatles. But now this spot on the globe will hold an even more special place in the hearts of the WWE Universe because it is also the location where Daniel Bryan finally got his hands on The Miz in a singles match.

Yes, it finally went down in Liverpool and the fans in attendance were on the edges of their seats to watch it happen before their eyes. It’s still almost like something out of a dream because Mattel just released a battle pack action figure package of The Miz and Daniel Bryan wearing a suit as SmackDown Live General Manager.

It was once thought Daniel Bryan would never return to action in a WWE ring because his condition and years of damage in the ring finally took its toll on the Bearded GOAT.

He was still in a feud with The Miz however it would surely never result in an actual match. But since Daniel Bryan’s medical clearance, it’s real and he’s finally getting his hands the man who has taunted him for years.

This rivalry started on Talking Smack so long ago and now Daniel Bryan is finally medically cleared and able to punch The Miz in the face the way he always promised he would. Needless to say, The Miz didn’t go down without a fight but with so much anticipation built up in Daniel Bryan’s spirit, it was hard to keep him contained.

As Daniel Bryan geared up for his running knee it seemed every member of the crowd was throwing Yes Fingers in the air. When contact was finally made with kneepad on A-Lister face it was an incredibly satisfying sight to see even if you’re a fan of The Miz.

After D-Bry’s devastating finisher The Miz sold it like a champ and laid down for the three count. This might just be the first occasion these two are tangling this time around but it certainly won’t be the last and that’s pretty awesome to know.