There have been a number of superstars who were promoted from NXT and then returned for one off appearances on the developmental brand long after they had begun making a name for themselves on the main roster.

It seems to be a common thing for many former members of the NXT roster to be asked to do, and it seems that Tye Dillinger was asked to return to his roots last night in Rochester as he participated in the opening match of the night against Kona Reeves.

Tye made quick work of his opponent before hitting him with the Tye-Breaker, which means he wasn’t there to put over a superstar, which is a shock, so he must have just been there for the reaction of the audience and for a walk down memory lane.

Dillinger hasn’t had the greatest few months on the main roster, his crowning moment would still be considered to be his participation in the Royal Rumble earlier this year since his most recent match on SmackDown this past week saw him lose to fellow NXT alumni Baron Corbin.

The NXT crowd were delighted to see the former star who made a name for himself on the brand from 2013 up until this year when he was finally promoted to the main roster, but it seems that this was nothing more than a one off and Dillinger will continue appearing in his usual position on SmackDown Live in the future.