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Dean Ambrose’s injury really messed up a lot of plans for WWE. The week after he went out due to injury, his buddy Seth Rollins picked up the Raw Tag Team Titles from The Bar in surprising fashion with Jason Jordan as his partner. But as they’re set to defend those shiny titles at the Royal Rumble, the Raw Tag Team Champions seems like a less-than-cohesive unit.

You never know what will happen on the Road To WrestleMania, but there could already be some signs of what WWE is planning for The Architect and Kurt Angle’s baby boy.

“[Fans] really want to see [Rollins and Jordan] split. Here’s something, for two straight weeks Sheamus and Cesaro lost to Titus and Apollo Crews and there’s like no follow-up, no mention, nothing” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio.

When co-host Bryan Alvarez said maybe The Bar will defend the Raw Tag Team Titles against Titus Worldwide after they win the titles back at the Royal Rumble, he received some affirmation from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter author.

“I presume that’s what’s happening that [The Bar is] gonna win the Tag Team Titles” Meltzer continued. “And I presume by watching this that Rollins and Jordan have a screw-up, you know which is the next step. Does that mean we’re gonna end up with Rollins against Jordan at WrestleMania? You know what? It would probably be a really good match.”

Bryan Alvarez begged WWE to make him interested in that match while Meltzer kept a positive spin on things.

“People want to dislike Jordan, so you could do that. I mean obviously it wasn’t the original plan for Mania but I can see that. So it probably is what they’re gonna do.”

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