rey mysterio

Who’s that jumping out the sky? It’s R-E-Y Mysterio, here we go into another round of rumors about The Master Of The 619. There are reports he’s talking to WWE and GFW about a return. Rey was rumored to be visiting GFW HQ recently with his good buddy Konnan who also works for Jeff Jarrett and company.

Eric Bischoff recently said on a special live episode of Bischoff On Wrestling that Konnan could be a contributing factor to Mysterio deciding to go with GFW. But in the end, it might not be the best idea for Rey Rey.

Eric spent some time putting Mysterio over before admitting that as a fan he would prefer not to see Rey wrestle again. He went on to explain his point.

“And I think sometimes as a performer you have to be willing to let that go and let your legacy live on and let people remember that phenomenal character that changed the wrestling business in so many ways in the United States. For Rey to get back in the ring now at his age with the injuries that he’s had.”

“I just don’t think he’ll be able to reach the level of performance that will satisfy himself. Forget about me or the audience, or anybody else. I don’t think Rey will be able to satisfy himself at this stage of his career. It’s really hard. That said, if he is going to get back in the ring and he is going to be involved in the business, I sure would love to see him back in WWE. Nothing against GFW, but that’s just not the way that I would like to see a guy like Rey Mysterio end his career.”

There have been rumors WWE isn’t even interested in bringing Mysterio back and this is just an attempt to gain leverage to get more money on his next deal wherever he goes. Bischoff said he would prefer Rey go to WWE if he were to make a decision between the two because they would be able to offer him a more stable deal.

So who knows? Fans might very well be seeing Rey Mysterio pop up at the Royal Rumble next year. Let’s just hope WWE doesn’t put him in position to get booed this time.

Whether Rey goes to WWE or GFW is besides the point, we just hope whatever he does makes him happy. Because that’s the goal of life after all, isn’t it?

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article please credit Bischoff On Wrestling with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription.