It’s always good to switch things up in the world of professional wrestling and it looks like one WWE star has changed his look. For some time now Akira Tozawa has been dressing as a ninja, but it looks like he’s done with that as Tozawa faced off against Grayson Waller during the Main Event tapings and he wore gear that was similar to his old look.

Under the previous regime Akira Tozawa was mostly used as a comedy character in the 24/7 Title picture, but it looks like WWE could be changing course with Tozawa and the 24/7 Title in general.

A few weeks ago Nikki Cross challenged Dana Brooke for the 24/7 Championship and Raw and when it was all said and done Nikki Cross won the match then walked out with the belt. Later during the episode Nikki was shown backstage dropping the WWE 24/7 Championship in the trash, so it seems that the company is done with the title and everyone is adjusting accordingly. Stay tuned for updates.