*Smackdown opened with a recap of the end of Raw.

*Vickie Guerrero welcomed WWE champion Randy Orton to the ring. he cuts a promo saying he is a true role model and champion who tells the truth. He says he didn’t know what HHH was going to screw Daniel Bryan. He said that he didn’t need anyone’s help Monday and asked the crowd for their support. They chanted “Yes” instead. Bryan comes out and thanks John Cena for his Summerslam opportunity. He calls out Orton and rips him for how arrogant he is being. Bryan says Orton was given everything while Bryan fought for every opportunity. Bryan says he will do it again and beat Orton for the title. He asks for a rematch tonight, but Orton turns him down. Orton holds the championship belt over Bryan’s head. He tried to go for an RKO but Bryan dropkicks him in the face and out of the ring. Bryan leads “Yes” chants.

*Backstage, Wade Barrett asks for a match against Daniel Bryan. Vickie Guerrero makes it a steel cage match.

*Recap of CM Punk-Curtis Axel brawl.

*WWE Intercontinental champ Curtis Axel pinned Cody Rhodes. Cody dominates early but misses move off the top. Cody makes a comeback but Paul Heyman distracted him on the top. He gets crotched and Axel nailed his finisher.

*After, Paul Heyman cut a promo on the pain and emotional distress caused by CM Punk. Heyman praised Brock Lesnar’s win and said Punk’s actions on Raw prove how lost he is and how confident Axel is. Axel challenges Punk to a match on Raw.

*Dolph Ziggler pinned Big E. Langston with the Zig Zag. Langston attacked him before the bell and controlled early. Ziggler makes a comeback but AJ interfered. Ziggler finally hits finisher.

*World champ Alberto Del Rio defeated Christian with the armbreaker in a great match. Christian is in control early after a dive to the floor. Del Rio works over Christian, who makes comeback but is sent off the top to the floor. Great series of near falls in this one.

*After the match, Del Rio got on the mic and played to the fans, then turned on them. Ricardo came out and praised the crowd in Spanish, then brought out Rob Van Dam. Christian nailed ADR with a missile dropkick. Van Dam hit Rolling Thunder and he and Ricardo hold up the World title.

*Big Show and Mark Henry defeat 3MB in a handicap match. Show nails the WMD to get the win after getting a hot tag from Henry. Shield calls them out via the Titantron after.

*Darren Young pinned Antono Cesaro despite the interference of Jack Swagger.

*Summerslam AXXESS recap. Bryan in control early before barrett throws him down. Barrett launches Bryan into cage for a two count. Barrett and Bryan exchange in the middle with Barrett rubbing Bryan’s face into the cage. Barrett nailed a stiff kick in the middle for two count. Bryan fights back only to reverse whip into tunbuckle. Barrett back in control. Bryan reverses and uses three dropkicks to send Bryan into cage. Bryan tries to climb out but is forced into a top rope dropkick and a near fall. He nails Yes kicks in the middle but Barrett tosses him into the cage to regain control. Bryan nails the Electric Chair for another two count. Bryan tries to climb out and gets one leg out. They fight on top of cage. Barrett gets one leg out again but this time Bryan headbutts and kicks him down to the ropes and nails a powerbomb. Bryan nails the running knee for the win, so that appears to be a new finisher.

*After the match, Bryan left the cage but was attacked by Randy Orton, who was hiding under the ring. Orton stands over Bryan as the fans chant “You suck.”

After the taping completed, Orton left. Daniel Bryan was being helped out. The Shield came down. Mark Henry and Big Show evened the odds. They had a six man with Team Bryan victorious.