The culture of bullying in WWE has become a very popular topic of conversation. Some have called it hazing, bullying, ribbing, harassment, or whatever they want to. But, let’s call a spade a spade. It is inappropriate behavior.

Many old school guys have come out and said pro wrestling was a last bastion for the tough men back in the day. People wanted to see what you were made of and if you had what it takes. So the tradition of ribbing was born. Famous pranksters like Mr. Fuji, Owen Hart, Dynamite Kid, and Bobby Heenan have gone down in history for some of their antics. But John Bradshaw Layfield was the one caught under fire because he poked the wrong bipolar bear.

Now Mauro Ranallo has quit his position in WWE. There has been no official statement from World Wrestling Entertainment about the situation either. The only statement WWE has said on the matter is Mauro Ranallo is under contract until August 12th, 2017. But now rumors are circulating that WWE is trying to take it a step further.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the belief is that is that WWE is trying to get Mauro Ranallo to sign a deal which would prevent him from going into this whole bullying situation after his WWE contract has expired. They want to keep him from giving in-depth interviews on the bullying culture in WWE.

Unfortunately, WWE can’t silence guys like Justin Roberts or Shawn Daivari, and Ken Anderson who have come out and spoken on the subject in the past. But, they’re wanting to put a cork in the Mauro Ranallo bottle before it spews all over the media like a shaken up bottle of Mountain Dew. We’re not sure if he’s going to bite, but WWE’s legal team (and pay-outs) can be quite persuasive.

Our favorite solution to this problem was when Jim Cornette said Mauro should have just threatened to take out JBL’s kneecaps with a baseball bat. Corney did the same thing to Shawn Michaels back in the day, and apparently it worked for him.

But this is a new corporate and therefore more transparent WWE. So, baseball bats have given way to simply leaving a company with an alleged bullying culture. But if WWE is going to offer him a substantial amount of money (or whatever the deal is), we can only wonder what other kind of information Mauro Ranallo has on WWE that they want to keep bottled up that we don’t know about yet.