Justin Roberts recently released his new book “Best Seat In The House: Your Backstage Pass To My WWE Journey” and we recently talked to him all about it on Still Real Radio.

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In the book Justin Roberts openly talks about the bullying that goes on backstage in WWE, and he shared a story about how one time his passport was stolen when he was overseas. Roberts noted that the incident caused a lot of travel issues, and he had to go to the U.S. embassy in London in order to get a new passport.

JBL’s name has been synonymous with backstage bullying in WWE for many years now, and when fans started pointing the finger at Layfield in regards to the stolen passport incident, he felt compelled to deny the allegations. Layfield also made it a point to say that Roberts was “hated by the whole crew” before calling him an idiot.

Although JBL himself may not have stolen the passport, it seems that he had something to do with it being stolen.

Former WWE star John Morrison, now known as Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground, recently spoke to Deadspin and he claimed that JBL asked him and Joey Mercury to steal the passport.

“JBL asked me and my partner to steal [Justin’s] passport, and we didn’t. JBL was one of the main event guys at the time,” he recalled, “and I don’t remember exactly what Justin Roberts did to become the target for the hazing of this specific oversea trip, but JBL asked me and Joey to snag Justin’s passport.”

Johnny went on to explain that he had also become a victim of JBL’s bullying and that at one point the sleeves were cut off of MNM’s ring robes. He added that the offer to steal the passport was “enticing” because they thought if they went through with it JBL would leave them alone, but ultimately MNM decided against it.

“Ultimately, we considered the options, and wound up deciding to not do it,” he explained. “This is a weird thing for a wrestler to say, especially in that era, but I usually went by the golden rule. I wouldn’t have appreciated someone doing that to me, especially someone I considered a peer.”

When we recently spoke to Justin Roberts on Still Real Radio he noted that he used his book as a way to simply tell his story honestly from an unbiased perspective. Rumors of backstage bullying in WWE have been circulating for years, and Justin’s book certainly seems to have turned the issue into a hot topic.

For more on Justin’s book “Best Seat In The House: Your Backstage Pass To My WWE Journey” you can check out our recent interview Justin Roberts below.


  1. I think it would be funny if JBL got his ass kicked by a large crowd of WWE fans outside of a live event.