WWE recently made the decision to end brand exclusive pay-per-views, so now the stars of Raw and SmackDown Live both have to fight for spots on the card during monthly pay-per-views.

With only so many spots on the card, some stars are getting left off the shows, but it seems that there will be even more opportunities in the future with WWE reportedly extending pay-per-views.

PWInsider is reporting that WWE reached out to international broadcast partners such as SkyTV and InDemandPPV to inform them that as of Money in the Bank on 6/17, pay-per-views will start at 7 PM Eastern/4 PM Pacific and some could last as long as four hours.

This would mean the kickoff shows would move to 6 PM, and it’s also being reported that cornerstone events such as SummerSlam and others could run longer than four hours.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella recently posted a tweet bragging about her seat in first class, and that’s when a fan responded by claiming she’s one of the lowest paid wrestlers on WWE’s payroll.

Carmella responded to the comments about her pay with the following: