For many years WWE has been the only professional wrestling company to hold events at Madison Square Garden, but that’s all going to change in 2019.

It was recently announced that ROH and NJPW will present the G1 Supercard live from Madison Square Garden on April 6, 2019, the night before WrestleMania 35. WWE has issued a statement regarding the event which reads as follows:

“MSG is, of course, free to work with ROH [Ring of Honor] however they want.”

MSG officials are ready to open their doors to ROH and NJPW, and ROH COO Joe Koff told The New York Post that MSG made the call to Ring of Honor.

“I think that’s a question better asked of Madison Square Garden because we were very aggressive in wanting that date and we thought we had that date, but we did what we had to do as a business,” Koff said. “[MSG] did what they had to do as a business and I guess all of a sudden there was a phone call and we were able to work it out. … That’s probably their story to tell because they made the call [to us] and said let’s get on the phone and see if we can work this out. They wanted us. They knew that we would be good promotion. I think they were just looking for a satisfactory outcome for all parties.”