hulk hogan

WWE parted ways with Hulk Hogan last year after some tapes of him making racist remarks surfaced on the internet. The Hulkster was quickly dropped by WWE, and the company seemingly cut all ties with the wrestling legend.

You may have noticed that the WWE Network is running new commercials as of late that feature Hulk Hogan’s voice. It’s been speculated that WWE has interest in bringing Hogan back once everything dies down, and that the company may be testing the waters with the WWE Network commercials.

Hulk Hogan continues to support WWE on social media, recently praising stars like Kevin Owens and AJ Styles for their big championship wins.

Hogan is also still lobbying for a WWE run for Eric Young on Twitter. He recently posted the following:

It’s rumored that Young has signed a deal with WWE, and the company is just waiting for the right time for him to officially join the NXT roster.

via Wrestling Observer Newsletter