hall of fame

In the world of professional wrestling talents come and go, but it seems that there are many performers who have a hard time staying away from the ring.

It’s been a few years since fans have seen The Bella Twins compete inside the squared circle, but during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Brie Bella indicated that they want to challenge for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles.

“The one thing is that WWE brought the Women’s Tag Team Titles in,” Brie said. “We were like, ‘Wait a second, how do the Bellas not have this on the résumé?’ It’s tempting because we would love to go fight for the tag titles because that’s what we’ve always been: a tag team.”

Nikki Bella took things a step further when she confirmed that she’s already training for her return to the ring.

“For me, I’m definitely starting that preparation,” Nikki said. “I want to train hard for it. When we come back, I want to change my style in the ring a little bit. I want to make a statement.”

At this point it’s not clear when The Bella Twins might return, but it certainly seems to be something they’re working toward.

H/T Wrestling Inc.