Adam Hangman Page is one of the most popular members of The Bullet Club. His featured role on Being The Elite not only allows him to portray more of his great personality but it also provides fans with a lot of background to the work he does in the ring.

But a lot of people can’t seem to get past his Hangman nickname. The fact that his Bullet Club t-shirt has a hangman’s noose on it is also something that has become topic of conversation. Although he might not be for everyone, Hangman Page is still consistently performing at an impressive level which is hard for anyone to deny.

Page was asked about his unique nickname on the Chris Van Vliet show when he admitted that it was actually given to him by Luke Gallows back when Gallows and Page were members of the Bullet Club.

“It’s something that was passed onto me from Luke Gallows by way of New Japan. I found out I was joining Bullet Club and going to New Japan and had probably two or three weeks to get ready for that. So it was something I didn’t get to put a lot thought into or a lot of time and effort into before it happened it was just something they said ‘Hey, do this’ and I said ‘Ok, cool. I’ll do it.’”

Page said joining the Bullet Club has changed his life. Obviously, he’s much more known and being around such amazing performers has only made him that much better. It might only be a matter of time before he’s doing big things and standing out on a more frequent basis from his BC brethren.

“I think things would have picked up for me slowly more and more like they had been anyway but Bullet Club has been way bigger than anything I could have imagined.”