aj styles

It’s been almost three years since AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson joined WWE, and some big things have happened since then.

AJ Styles is now a two time United States Champion, and a two time WWE Champion who managed to hold the title for 371 days during his most recent run. Over the next few months Styles will have to make a decision regarding his next, and it was recently reported that he’s currently negotiating a new deal with WWE.

Styles joined WWE in January of 2016, but PWInsider is reporting that the former WWE Champion’s current deal is set to expire in April of 2019.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderon’s deals keep them locked in with WWE until September of 2019.

Even though AJ Styles has made it to the top of WWE, Gallows and Anderson haven’t managed to find the same level of success as a tag team, although they did capture the Raw Tag Team Titles for a short run.

It’s been rumored that NJPW officials are interested in bringing Gallows & Anderson back to the company, but whether or not that will end up happening remains to be seen.

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