cm punk

The CM Punk trial has been going on for most of this week, and on Friday the former WWE Champion finally took the stand.

Ross Berman of WrestleZone was on hand for the trial, and he noted that when Punk took the stand he identified himself as a UFC fighter and freelance writer for Marvel Comics.

Punk also said that he had never listened to the infamous episode of Colt Cabana’s podcast until just before the trial, and noted that, “I sure do swear a lot.” Punk also said that he’s a different person now, and he was bitter back then.

According to the report, Punk almost started crying and said that hearing who he was back then brings up memories of things he doesn’t care about anymore.

Punk also confirmed that being a member of the tag team The Chick Magnets, the “CM” in his name stands for “Chick Magnet.”

While talking about the podcast episode itself, Punk said, “Genesis of podcast was I’d left WWE. Up until that point I’d been silent, the other side…not so much. I just wanted to set the record straight for my fans.”

He went on to say the goal of the podcast wast to “paint a picture” and said he was just telling his story.

During Colt Cabana’s testimony, Colt said, there was a lump on the left side of Punk’s waistline, and that it was raised, discolored, gross. Punk confirmed Cabana’s testimony.

Punk said he had not seen his WWE medical report, but claimed he was vomiting after every match.

He also talked about having crying spells and said he’s sure he wasn’t fun to be around. “I’d be in catering, one sec fine, next welling up,” Punk said.

The defense read statements from the podcast about a concussion before the European tour in 2013, and Punk talked about “getting [his] bell rung” by Luke Harper.

He noted that no one but Dr. Sampson treated him while on the tour, and no one but Dr. Sampson talked to him about the concussion, but said the symptoms were getting worse in Europe and also confirmed Dr. Sampson gave him a Z-Pack