It’s going to be a big summer for WWE, as the company recently announced that they will be returning to the road with a 25 city tour. The 25 city tour is set to kick off in July, and it looks like the WWE roster will be putting in a little extra work as they prepare to get ready to hit the road again.

PWInsider is reporting that at yesterday’s WWE Raw tapings talents were informed the company expects them to spend some time at the WWE Performance Center in the coming weeks. The idea is for talents to take part in workouts, drills, and possibly work matches as well to make sure their in-ring work is sharper.

The extra training is believed to be a Vince McMahon edict, and the workouts could begin as early as next week. The workouts will take place on days that talents are not booked for television tapings.

A number of talents reportedly said that they were looking forward to trying to get their timing and in-ring work back to normal after working only one match a week for over a year. It was also noted that the average viewer may not have noticed any changes, but talents who know better felt that their timing has been off.

It’s being said that everyone on the roster from top names down will be asked to participate in the workouts. One talent joked that they weren’t thrilled about getting in the ring on an off day, but they were all for it if it meant getting the company back to normal.