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Last week on SmackDown Live, John Cena and Shinsuke Nakamura tore the house down when they faced off in the main event. Both men fought for the right to challenge Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam, and Shinsuke Nakamura was the one who managed to earn the title shot after he beat Cena clean in the middle of the ring.

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Everyone was talking about Shinsuke’s big victory after the bell rang, but that wasn’t all they were talking about. During the match Shinsuke tried to hit a reverse exploder suplex on John Cena, but it didn’t go as planned, and Cena ended up getting dropped on his neck.

Sports Illustrated is reporting that Vince McMahon was furious with Shinsuke Nakamura after SmackDown Live last Tuesday night. According to the report, Vince McMahon’s anger was more in defense of John Cena, as opposed to being an indictment of Nakamura, and the report notes that Vince McMahon has not lost faith in Shinsuke.

However, it was also noted that if Shinsuke Nakamura makes another mistake like this on a big stage then Vince McMahon will have an entirely different opinion of him.

Despite Vince McMahon’s anger, it was recently reported that WWE officials saw the spot as a fluke, and John Cena appears to be fine. After the match John Cena shook hands with Shinsuke and Nakamura looked him in the eye and said, “I’m sorry,” to which Cena replied by saying, “Don’t be sorry.”

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  1. IMO, it was an accident, they’ve never wrestled before. That style of suplex would involved the person taking it to not tuck his chin. To me it looked like John tucked his chin there for messed up his momentum and his body wasn’t able to get a full rotation.