Dolph Ziggler is the Show-Off but according to one former WWE writer, he is also a guy who wasn’t capable a working a program with John Cena.

Kevin Eck recently appeared on Wade Keller’s Pro Wrestling Podcast where they started talking about how much Baron Corbin needs to prove himself at SummerSlam.

This conversation evolved into Eck telling a story which gave a good example of the kind of pressure guys are in when they tangle with The Face That Runs The Place. Vince McMahon sees John Cena as the kind of guy who should only be dealing with top talent because he needs to be able to put out great matches.

Kevin Eck told a rather revealing story about a time when Vince McMahon decided at the advice of John Cena that working with Dolph Ziggler wasn’t doing him justice.

“Cena will be very honest to his assessment of you. Dolph Ziggler’s the first guy that comes to mind, when they had a singles program together, in the beginning, John was all for it,” Eck said. “John wanted to work with Dolph. And they did the house show loop together and as the heel, the heel traditionally calls the matches and John was letting Dolph call the matches and er… he wasn’t impressed.”

“And apparently John gave his assessment to Vince of Dolph and I think that sort of played into Vince’s thoughts already about Dolph and once that program ended it ended rather abruptly because Vince told us in a booking meeting one day: ‘God, I think we’re doing a disservice to John, this is bringing John down’ and so Dolph was moved out of that program.”

There are rumors Dolph could be in line for a repackaging. So who knows what Ziggler has in store for him. Let’s just hope it works out better than it did when he worked that house show loop with Big Match John.

Credit for the quotes in this article goes to The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast