Despite the fact that WWE has cut over 80 Superstars this year the company still has a big roster, and unfortunately there’s only so much TV time to go around.

Originally Zelina Vega was set to team up with Carmella to take on Liv Morgan and Toni Storm on the September 11th episode of SmackDown, but unfortunately for them the match was cut because other segments went long. Zelina Vega’s father tragically passed away during the attacks that took place on September 11th, and there was a lot of backlash on social media over her match getting cut.

Vega recently spoke to talkSPORT about her match getting cut from the September 11th episode of SmackDown, and she noted that Vince McMahon called her personally to apologize.

“When it got cut, Vince called me and apologised because he wanted to make sure that I knew ‘listen, this wasn’t done to you personally or anything, it was literally just this (the time), I had to make that call and I’m so sorry.’ And people don’t know that side either.

I love and appreciate my fans so, so much. I wish I could just squish their little faces. Because sometimes people can feel like they’re part of the machine and it’s no big deal and the fans probably don’t give a crap, but the outpouring of love I felt that day – and a bunch of other days to – is incredible. Without the fans we’d literally be nowhere. Just know it wasn’t something done personally to me. To have a boss to care enough to call you and go ‘look I’m sorry’, that’s important.”

Zelina Vega will be in action tonight when Team Raw faces off against Team SmackDown at the Survivor Series pay-per-view. Stay tuned for updates.