vanguard 1

In 2016 Broken Matt Hardy was one of the most popular characters in wrestling, and for most of 2017 fans have been waiting to see Matt revive the persona. This week on Raw, Matt showed signs of his “broken” personality, and it looks like his “CONDISHTION” has returned.

It was recently reported that Matt will be using a new character in WWE that will be similar to Broken Matt Hardy, and judging from his Twitter profile it looks like he will be known as Woken Matt Hardy.

But anyone who followed the Broken Universe in 2016 knows that Broken Matt didn’t fight The Great War on his own, as House Hardy was always there to back him up.

One of the most loyal members of House Hardy is without a doubt Vanguard 1, but Matt’s fearsome sidekick appeared to have powered down for a number of months with his last Twitter post being a Matt Hardy retweet from February 20.

Now it looks like Vanguard 1 is ready to join The Great War once again, as there’s been some activity on Vanguard 1’s Twitter account.

With Matt going full steam ahead with this gimmick, hopefully we’ll be seeing an appearance from Vanguard 1 on Raw sometime in the future.