The coronavirus pandemic has hit WWE pretty hard as the company had to cancel all upcoming shows and move TV tapings to the WWE Performance Center.

WWE has been doing empty arena shows for weeks now, but it looks like the company is starting to discuss the idea of performing in front of an audience again.

According to WrestleVotes, the WWE live event schedule is slowly being rebuilt.

It’s not expected that WWE will be running anything with fans before July, but discussions about ticket sales, and social distancing guidelines have begun.

“I’m hearing that internally the WWE live event schedule is slowly being rebuilt. I’m still not expecting anything with fans prior to July, however. Discussions about ticket sales going forward have also begun, with social distancing guildlines remaining in place. That’s tricky.”

WWE recently started using talents as fans on Raw this week from the Performance Center, but the company will be facing an entirely different scenario when it comes to moving on to public venues.

Stay tuned for updates.