rey mysterio

The 2023 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony is quickly approaching, but so far WWE hasn’t announced much in the way of details for the ceremony. It’s been revealed that Rey Mysterio, The Great Muta and Andy Kaufman will be inducted, but so far no inductors have been announced.

After Rey Mysterio was confirmed for the 2023 Hall of Fame class it was reported by the Los Angeles Times that he would be inducted by Konnan. However, Konnan recently indicated that nothing has been made official yet on his Keepin It 100 podcast when he said, “Until WWE announces it, I won’t be doing one. So, they haven’t announced it.”

Mick Foley also noted on his podcast that someone had asked him to be an inductor at this year’s Hall of Fame class. Foley did not reveal who he was asked to induct. More Hall of Fame announcements are expected to be made over the next few days as Stacy Keibler is also rumored for the 2023 Hall of Fame class.

The 2023 Hall of Fame induction ceremony is set to take place after SmackDown on Friday, so we’ll have to wait and see if more details are confirmed ahead of the show.

H/T Fightful