the young bucks

The Young Bucks aren’t shy that’s for sure. Chances are good that if you want to get their attention on social media, you can, and they will most likely respond. A few months ago UFC fighter Daniel Cormier caught the attention of The Young Bucks when he responded to a video clip of one of their matches, and the things he had to say about the spot were less than flattering.

Cody Rhodes decided to stand up for his friends, and wrestling fans who enjoy their work when he responded with the following:

Despite the fact that the exchange seemed to escalate, Cormier tried his best to keep things cool.

Things then went quiet for a little while between Cormier and The Bullet Club, but he recently appeared on the MMA Hour podcast and he noted that the exchange kind of turned him off to pro wrestling in general.

“I’ve always loved it. Right now I’m not watching as much anymore because these guys kinda pissed me off a little bit,” Cormier said on The MMA Hour. “They turned me off to the whole thing. I’m like, what is wrong with these dudes? Everybody’s not going to like everything you do. Just so happens that I’m a professional wrestling fan that has a bit of a following himself.”

“The wrestlers themselves said some stuff, and I was like, ‘Well, first off, calm down, because you know [*Cormier smacks his hand*]. Calm down. Initially, just calm down, because [*Cormier smacks his hand again*] — you and you and you, all of you together.’ Anyways, ‘Calm down. But secondly, you can’t dictate to people.’ And what really got me — what really got me was when a guy told me, he called me a charisma vacuum, meaning that I guess when I get on TV, it’s [*Cormier makes vacuum sound*] everybody turns off. Some guy on the internet.”

“And then he goes, ‘You better go to the Performance Institute, or whatever it’s called, because Cody Rhodes will whip you. He’s a two-time state wrestling champion.’”

The Young Bucks later responded to his comments with a tweet that said, “He still can’t get over that one drop kick spot? Smh.”

The exchange then went back and forth for a little while, but The Bucks have since deleted their tweets, and it appears that both sides have decided to put their issues behind them.

Nick Jackson informed everyone that he would be deleting the tweets and he showed nothing but love to people who hate, and support The Young Bucks.

Cormier then decided to step up and bury the hatchet by apologizing.

It appears that this Twitter feud is over, as Nick Jackson also issued an apology on behalf of The Young Bucks, and he wished Cormier luck in his upcoming fight.