Jeff Hardy and Trish Stratus have both been involved in some interesting storylines through the course of their careers and they’ve also been part of some unique on screen pairings. WWE tried to set Jeff Hardy and Stratus up for a romance storyline in 2001, and then again in 2003, but ultimately it didn’t get very far.

During a recent interview with SHAK Wrestling, Trish Stratus discussed the storyline and she elaborated on where it could have potentially gone if things had worked out differently.

“The Jeff Hardy one was just like two characters that you didn’t think would come together come together but also the variable of Lita in there, right? Lita being like on the Jeff side but my rival and like maybe not happy about us, you know, pairing up. So, there was always that in the background that could play out in different ways like Trish and Jeff versus Matt and Lita and that sort of things.”

“I think they were looking forward to that kind of teaming up, which then it always came back to Trish and Lita, and then it comes back down to Trish and Lita, right? So, that was always the driving force between a lot of storylines was getting back to Trish and Lita.”

Trish Stratus will return to the ring when WrestleMania 39 airs live from SoFi Stadium on April 1 and April 2. You can get more details on which night her match could be set for here.

H/T Sportskeeda