triple h

Triple H is arguably one of the most powerful men in all of professional wrestling, and he’s made his way up through the ranks to hold a top position in WWE.

The former WWE Champion also happens to be married to Stephanie McMahon, and their marriage has been viewed as controversial by some.

Triple H has received a lot of backlash over the years for marrying Vince McMahon’s daughter, but he recently revealed during “The Undertaker: The Last Ride” that Taker was always there to support him.

“He was a locker room leader and a sounding board for things. When Steph and I got together and started to have a relationship, the guy I talked to about it was Taker. He was one of the most supportive guys of it. He was like, ‘Screw everybody and their opinions. You know what you bring to the table and so do I. If they don’t like it, that’s their problem.’ He was in our wedding. At a certain point in time you find yourselves being two of the things that are just always there. If you walk into the locker room, the one guy who could relate to everything you’ve been through in the last 20-25 years was Taker. We don’t have a day-to-day buddy-buddy hangout, but I could look over and see him in Gorilla, see that he’s in his own head, and talk to him about it.”

Taker also commented on his relationship with Triple H, and he noted that while they may not call each other every day, they both know they ever need anything they can reach out.

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