matt hardy

Matt Hardy’s WWE contract expired in 2020 and he made his way to All Elite Wrestling shortly after. Vince McMahon tried to keep Matt with the company while making it clear that he wanted to move Hardy into a producer role.

Recently Matt has been opening up about his WWE departure on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast and he noted that Triple H was trying hard to get him to stay with the company as well. According to Matt, Triple H tried to get him to join NXT with the idea being that Hardy could lead a stable.

“Triple H, he called me afterward. He tried to work out deals with me doing stuff in NXT and it’s so funny, because this shows how much Vince wanted me as a producer. He said, ‘Well, we can pay you X amount of money if you do this NXT thing. But we can like double this almost if you do NXT, and I’ll put you with a group of guys. So you don’t have to do all the work, being an older guy, you’re like the leader of the group, and then you can also still go to TVs, you know, Raw and SmackDown, and then you can still do those and start being a coach because that’s really what Vince wants to see you as, is a producer.’ Someone who helps teach other talents and helps construct matches and whatnot. So Vince really wanted to see me in that when it was all said and done. I have a lot of appreciation, Triple H still tried to do what he could just to keep me in the WWE system,” Matt said.

Matt Hardy went on to say that Triple H didn’t mention specific names in regards to the stable, but there were a few people that The Game had in mind for the group.

“No, he did say he didn’t say any specific names,” Matt Hardy revealed. “He said he had three or four guys they had in mind that you know don’t have a great role. ‘But I think if I could put them with like a ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy, if that’s what you’re wanting to do now, I know you can do that because you own all the copyrights and trademarks of the Broken Universe, we could do that.'”

The former ECW Champion noted that the idea was appealing, but by the time Triple H pitched it to him his deal had already expired, and he had already made a handshake deal to join AEW.

H/T Fightful