Triple H has become one of the most powerful people in all of professional wrestling and he’s worked with many different wrestlers behind the scenes in NXT and on the main roster. The Game has seen a lot of people come and go, but it sounds like he’s been very impressed with the work that Butch (formerly known as Pete Dunne) has done during his time with the company.

Former NXT star Trent Seven recently praised Butch during an appearance on Touching Grass, and he noted that he once saw Triple H “marking” for the former WWE United Kingdom Champion.

“I remember sat at Gorilla (Position) watching Triple H and Shawn (Michaels) watching Pete Dunne and marking (out). He is that good. That’s the point. Every footage you see of Pete Dunne, he’s working. That’s why he’s just the best. Go watch any Pete Dunne match. Not even the ones that are globally famous.

There’s not one stage of it where he’s not 100% working, dedicated to getting everything he can out of every move, motion, facial, look, the way he walks to the corner. Everything about him is just hyper-concentrated professional performance.”

Pete Dunne has received a decent amount of TV time since getting called up to the main roster as Butch. It’s been rumored that Triple H is planning to change his name back to Pete Dunne at some point, but that hasn’t been confirmed. Stay tuned for updates.

H/T Wrestling Inc.