triple h

Last year Vince McMahon announced his retirement from WWE and shortly after it was confirmed that Triple H would be taking over WWE creative. The Game has been leading the charge for creative for months now and he has seemingly been doing things his way.

Current SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair recently spoke to Daily Mail about working under the Triple H regime and she noted that the biggest change is just all of the new talent who have arrived on the main roster.

“Yes. I think it’s different for me because I’m already established. Triple H was my boss early on, he’s my boss now, whether it’s Triple H or Vince, I think the biggest change for a talent in leadership is more the new talent.

I’ve been under both reigns. My job is to perform and to make the best product. We’re not really changing Charlotte along the way. My job is to make Triple H happy right now. If it’s Vince, my job is to make Vince happy.

The transition is very easy, it’s definitely not a difficult transition. From a character standpoint it hasn’t changed, but the transition from one boss to another has been easy for me.”

We’re currently on the road to WrestleMania 39 and Charlotte Flair is set to defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against women’s Royal Rumble winner Rhea Ripley. It’s been rumored that the match could main event night 1, but that has not been confirmed.