Few people have lit up the world’s indie wrestling scene like Ricochet. He has dazzled audiences all over the world with his amazing talent and it looks like he’ll be doing it on a much bigger stage very soon.

Ricochet was a big name in the first place but his match against Will Ospreay in the Best Of The Super Juniors tournament for New Japan brought him much more attention. A lot of people praised their match for being a high flying, adrenaline pumping affair while others seemed to dismiss it for a lack of selling. As hard as it might be to imagine, Ricochet has only gotten better since then.

Now it looks like he’ll be headed to WWE which is a great thing. They made the announcement official on Tuesday morning this week as NXT proudly said the “innovative high-flyer Ricochet has officially joined the WWE Performance Center.”

It might be a safe bet to wager that Ricochet will be appearing on television very soon and with the Royal Rumble being less than two weeks away, that might be a perfect time for him to debut. Or at least King Ricochet can pop into NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia. One thing is for sure, things will change when Ricochet’s around as his amazing ring psychology and energy catches on in the WWE Universe.

That being said, his girlfriend Tessa Blanchard doesn’t seem to be signing with WWE anytime soon as she is currently taking indie bookings into 2018. But this is still a great sign for fans of the couple.

Hopefully, it won’t take long for Ricochet to make a big impression on the WWE Universe. His talent could bring things up another notch and although he could fit nicely into 205 Live being less than 200 pounds, he can scrap with anyone who is put in front of him.

It really is an exciting day for anyone who knows what he can do and for those who aren’t aware yet, it might be a good idea to buckle up and hold on because Ricochet can take you for a ride.

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