A lot went down on this week’s episode of Raw including Braun Strowman being fired in the opening segment of the show. This caused Strowman to go insane backstage while he tore through catering, Kurt Angle’s office, and he even flipped over a semi truck in the process.

But after his huge temper tantrum backstage, Angle came out and told Braun that he had been rehired by Stephanie McMahon and even put back into the Universal Title match at the Royal Rumble.

If this story confused anyone reading this, you’re not alone. Therefore this was a subject of conversation on Wrestling Observer Radio where a very interesting theory was posed which could translate into a huge match at the Show Of Shows.

“I can make sense of it,” Bryan Alvarez said regarding the Braun Strowman storyline on this week’s episode of Raw. “I mean it’s stupid but I can make sense of it. Stephanie wants Braun Strowman in the Royal Rumble so Hunter can publicly humiliate him on a big show.”

Dave Meltzer replied saying, “that’s not happening” when Alvarez came back with some more of his own reasoning.

“What do you mean that’s not happening?” Alvarez retorted. “You don’t think it’s Hunter and Braun Strowman at Mania? Well, they did that whole angle at Survivor Series so that would be a good place to start the build — Royal Rumble she’s Hunter’s wife. There’s no — absolutely zero other even remotely logical reasons to rehire Braun Strowman after what he did. So I presume that’s why. I guess we’ll see.”

Therefore, if WWE is really booking in advance and planning a big match between the Monster Among Men and The Game at WrestleMania 34, fans might have seen a little foreshadowing last night when Angle announced Stephanie had rehired Strowman after his backstage demolition derby.

Strowman vs Triple H would actually be a pretty grand spectacle if WWE booked it properly. But what they really need to do is pay close attention to the company’s future in a feud like that because Triple H can’t win every time. Especially if he’s squaring off against one of the top future names of the company.

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