titus o'neil

Titus O’Neil is never afraid to speak his mind, and he recently called out retail outlet H&M on Twitter for racial profiling and stereotyping.

The company has been receiving a lot of negative feedback after posting an advertisement featuring a young black boy wearing a shirt with text that says “coolest monkey in the jungle.”

People are speaking out against the ad on social media, and Titus O’Neil took to Twitter to share his thoughts.

Titus O’Neill posted the following message telling the company they failed:

The retail outlet has since issued the following apology:

“This image has been removed from all H&M channels and we sincerely apologize for any offense this has caused. It was never our intention for this image to be perceived in this way and we will be reviewing our internal routines to ensure that such a misjudgment does not happen again.”

Rapper Mega Ran, who appeared during The New Day vs. The Usos rap battle on SmackDown Live a few months ago also responded to the tweet that Titus posted with the following:

Adult film star Kendra Lust also replied to Titus O’Neil’s tweet and weighed in on the situation.