Steve Austin recently spoke with Wade Keller or PWTorch Live to promote his show Broken Skull Challenge and more. You can check out the full interview at this link, along with some highlights below.

Thoughts on James Ellsworth: “Now, I give props to the kid. he’s doing his job and he’s doing a good job of it. It’s interesting… I like what they’re doing. Monday Night Raw or Smackdown, credit to the James Ellsworth guy, he’s doing a great job, but I’m all about the serious stuff.”

Doing comedy during his WWE run: “Wrestling is a very serious subject for me. Yes, people would sit out there and say, ‘You did a lot of comedy, Steve.’ Well, yeah, I did. I had three broke bones in my back. I had to do something to be an entertainer, so I went out and did what I did. I had to push the envelope creatively. Still at the end of the day, I took what I did very seriously. Not to beat a dead horse. This isn’t an indictment of Steve Austin onto the company. They’re following their vision, their path.”

What NXT is doing right: “I think it’s basically the simplicity of the show. I mean, you’ve got these angles that are wrestling-based, announcers staying within the system. They’re not talking about anything going on in pop culture. If you go back several months, Corey [Graves] made the comment that Bobby Roode had flown because he wanted to spend the least amount of time in Manhattan as possible. So just sticking within those parameters, the announcing I think is a little better on the NXT front right now. Just the action in the ring, it’s a better look, it’s dimmed down a little bit, it’s not too dark – I thought Lucha Underground was too dark this year from a visual standpoint. I like the production values. I like their entrance music. I like what they’re doing in the ring. Of course, they’ve got one of my favorite tag team in The Revival.”