It appears WWE has went back and forth on their plans for the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles since Survivor Series ended. When that pay-per-view was done, a WWE source said despite how it looked on TV, the plan was not to do a unification match. On RAW the next night, WWE went out of their way to not say the words “unification match” but now they are leaning towards having only one champion after Triple H’s most recent sitdown interview with Michael Cole. There has been some speculation that there may be some kind of finish at TLC where John Cena and Randy Orton grab each others belts, ending with Cena as the WWE Champion and Orton as the World Heavyweight Champion.

This all goes back to the panic within WWE creative that we noted earlier today.

“The creative team is burnt out and scared,” said one WWE source via “Scared of who might not be there too much longer. Not the type the stress anyone wants during the holiday season.”