daniel bryan

Daniel Bryan is the General Manager of SmackDown Live, but he hasn’t been on the show in a few weeks. Bryan has been busy spending time with his wife Brie Bella, and their new baby Birdie Joe Danielson.

Daniel Bryan will be making his return to SmackDown Live this week, and it’s likely that he’ll have a few things to say about the controversial finish to the first ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

Bryan isn’t the only star who will be returning to SmackDown Live soon, as it was recently announced that John Cena will be returning to the blue brand on Tuesday, July 4. However, when Cena returns he will no longer be exclusive to SmackDown Live, as WWE recently announced that he became a free agent during the recent Superstar Shake-Up.

SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan recently spoke to Fox Sports, and he was asked about the fact that Cena will no longer be exclusive to the blue brand.

Bryan noted that WWE always puts Raw first, but he also said that he’s interested to see how it plays out, and he had nothing but good things to say about the current SmackDown Live roster.

“I don’t know how it’s going to play out. Traditionally, this is what happens: Nothing is spared for SmackDown. And that’s part of what makes us the underdog, and the underdog brand, right? The WWE, as a corporate entity, puts Raw first. They’re the flagship show, and SmackDown Live is always kind of playing second fiddle when you’re talking about the executives and how they look at the two shows. So they are always going to do what they think is best for Raw.”

“And sometimes, that actually makes SmackDown better. So yeah, I’ll be interested to see how it plays out, but I think the crew that we have for SmackDown Live right now is really good. And if we can optimize the men and women that we have right now, I think we can put out a product that is much better than Raw.”

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