NXT took their final bow during their Ohio tour in Youngstown Saturday night and the amped up crowd was more than ready to see some top-tier action from WWE’s developmental brand.

The previous nights haven’t left anyone disappointed so fans were excited to see the action for themselves.

Nikki Cross dominated Macy Estrella early in the night. Estrella is a new-comer and has some real learning ahead of her, and Cross obliged to teach her a thing or two. Fans in attendance noted Nikki Cross’ current gimmick is incredible and she is really owning it.

One fan even found the gimmick to be quite familiar.

There were a lot of people that were doubtful NXT would utilize Kassius Ohno better than they did the last time he was with the company, but so far he’s doing all he can to not only impress, but keep people talking. Ohno defeated another guy with an incredible upside in regards to his potential, Patrick Clark.

Ever since the “Loser Leaves NXT” match, there shouldn’t be any more Elias Samson and there hasn’t been. “The Drifter” is no more and we have no idea who is under the hood now and going as “The Gypsy”, much in the same way we had no idea who Mr. America was when Hulk Hogan had been kayfabe fired. Aleister Black didn’t seem to care who he was facing though, as he made short work of the masked man.

The Empress of Tomorrow defeated Liv Morgan in a highly entertaining match-up. Fans all over have been really behind Morgan on recent tours and she’s certainly been coming into her own. Love or hate her current gimmick, Liv is shaping up to be a great product of the WWE Performance Center and she’s just starting.

Her ability to sell and put people over might be her strong point, but in time her offense is sure to take center stage and allow her a chance to start racking up those wins. Unfortunately, tonight wasn’t her night as Asuka defeated her to carry on her undefeated streak.

DIY took on Sanity in a match that the fans were very invested in. Johnny Wrestling is so over in Ohio it’s ridiculous and you’d have thought he was in his hometown just as he was in Cleveland Friday night by the way the fans were behind them. Sanity might have put the babyface team over but both of these teams already seem to be ready for a main roster jump anytime now.

The King of Strong Style teamed up once again with the Perfect 10 to defeat The Glorious One and the former La Sambra in the main event. This was a typical tag-match and Bobby Roode reportedly took part in some Glorious comedic elements during the contest. Afterward Nakamura and Dillinger posed to send the crowd home happy.

Here are a couple more really good tweets we just couldn’t leave out: