shawn michaels

Shawn Michaels made his return to WWE this week when he appeared on Raw to promote his new movie, and the WWE Hall of Famer also delivered a superkick to Rusev.

TMZ recently caught up with HBK on the street, and they busted out the hard hitting questions first when “The Heartbreak Kid” was asked about the worst heartbreak he’s ever experienced. Michaels said that back in high school he was dumped by a girl because he was too timid and too shy to make a move on her. The girl didn’t think things were moving fast enough so she told HBK to hit the bricks.

Of course Shawn Michaels was also asked the same question he’s asked everywhere he goes when he was asked if he will ever return to the ring to wrestle. Shawn just kept things simple by saying, “No, not if I can help it.”

When asked to name the sweatiest wrestler he’s ever faced, Michaels named himself saying that for a little guy he sweats like a 400 pound man. Gross.

Shawn Michaels has remained adamant that he will never wrestle another match, and so far he’s kept his word. Michaels retired the night after WrestleMania 26, and although rumors of his return have been circulating since the moment he ended his retirement speech, none of them have come co fruition.

In case you missed Raw on Monday and you didn’t hear him announce it 100 times, you can catch Shawn Michaels in his new movie “The Resurrection of Gavin Stone” and you can check out his quick Q&A session with TMZ below.