shawn michaels

After The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 26, he stayed retired for years until he finally decided to return to the ring at Crown Jewel in November of 2018.

D-Generation X defeated the Brothers of Destruction in the main event, but it doesn’t sound like Shawn has any interest in lacing up the boots one more time.

The WWE Hall of Famer was asked if another in-ring return is possible during an appearance on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, and he made it clear that he’s happy to sit on the sidelines.

“No. I will leave it to the younger generation, they’re doing a fantastic job. I’m good with what has been done and I’m all set.”

The former WWE Champion is currently focused on helping the next generation of Superstars, but Michaels noted that he’s still learning new things about the business while working at the Performance Center.

“A lot of that is just trying to find you place and again because they’ve got so much covered you start to look at it as where can I help the most. I hope I’ve been able to do that and it has been a sheer joy to be a part of it and a great learning experience for me, which is one of the things that I strangely enough said to everyone when I got there was that I really feel like if I am to do well here I will learn as much as I’d hope to be teaching and I really do think that has happened. I am hoping that the product has and will continue to get better with all of the people that we are adding (myself included) but it’s exciting for me because at this stage of your life learning other aspects of the wrestling business a business that I have loved since I was 12 is pretty special. You don’t always imagine yourself at 53 years old being in the same line of work that you’ve been in since you were 19 and still learning different aspects of it. To do that with your buddies and of course with a bunch of talent that is a joy to work with and clearly makes it easy when it is a generation that grew up with me and Road Dogg and Hunter so right now I feel like it is something that works for all of us in a positive way.”

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