WWE has posted a new SmackDown Fallout video which features footage of Shane McMahon’s encounter with The Miz in London. The Miz faced AJ Styles in a singles match on SmackDown and at one point he tried to walk out of the match. As he was walking up the ramp he was met by Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows so he started walking back to the ring. Styles took advantage of the distraction and defeater The Miz.

After he lost his match with AJ Styles The Miz got on the mic and told the crowd that he wasn’t leaving the ring until someone investigated the situation with Anderson, Gallows and Styles. That’s when Shane McMahon’s music hit and he made his way to the ring. The Miz started talking down to Shane and poking him. Shane told him that he didn’t want to be touched but The Miz didn’t listen.

The Miz pushed his luck and Shane-O-Mac unloaded on him then followed up with with a big elbow before throwing him out of the ring. You can check it out in the clip below.