The WWE Universe is ecstatic about Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose burying the hatchet and becoming Raw Tag Team Champions recently, but it has made a lot of people wonder if there is a full Shield reunion coming once Roman Reigns has the opportunity to join his brothers.

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For the time being, Roman is busy with John Cena heading into No Mercy, but Seth Rollins jokingly teased The Shield potentially adding a new female member to the stable during an interview on the Sam Roberts Podcast. Rollins suggested that The Shield could use The Boss.

The Architect of The Shield was asked a fun question about replacing Roman, so he thought it would be interesting for Sasha Banks to join the group if they had to replace Reigns. The idea wasn’t intended to be anything more than a fun interview question, but it’s a really cool idea.

“Why am I replacing Roman? Alright. Well, she’s in the back. ‘The Boss,’ back there, would make a hell of a tag team partner. I think we’d be alright. So yeah, I’ll go with her for now because she’s here.”

A female member in The Shield would be an interesting dynamic to play, especially if Roman were able to join Ambrose and Rollins eventually to make the group a foursome. More than anything else, the WWE Universe is curious how The Boss would look in a bulletproof vest.